Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Purchase via Buy Akiba
1. Only customers within South East Asia and India can purchase our products via www.buyakiba.com.
2. Purchases will be delivered by third party courier or registered mail.
3. Acceptance of your online purchase by Buy Akiba shall only take effect when our staff replies you with a confirmation email to inform you of our acceptance and arranges delivery of the product.
4. We reserve the right to reject/cancel your order even after payment. We shall inform you via email and a refund shall be made to you.
5. The specifications, features and prices for a product are subject to change without prior notice.
6. Upon receiving your online purchase, our staff will email you within three working day to confirm your purchase.
7. Save as the terms expressly stated herein, our General and Specific Terms and Conditions (including limitation of liability) as posted on our website www.buyakiba.com shall apply.
8. The online transaction shall be governed by the laws of Singapore